Trends Fade.

Style is Eternal.


Company Overview

B. Marie is an advanced contemporary accessory brand by designer Briana Marie, that fuses fashion forward chic with an eternal youthful edge. Specializing in fine leather, fur, and exotic skin with a variety of handbags, card cases, silk scarves, and gloves. The brand is continuously evolving, offering a highly detailed product.


Customers are more brand conscious and particular about the quality and reliability of the merchandise they purchase. They are seeking handbags and accessories that can be worn well into the future, not just for a fad or one season. Handbags have become a lifestyle purchase. By understanding the needs of edgy, sophisticated, experienced and well traveled consumers in an ever changing lifestyle. B. MarieĀ® will remain a step ahead in providing quality, long lasting, and well constructed product. Striving to elevate the masses by providing the opportunity of expression through the unique elements found in each design.

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